I was working in Chennai as Car driver to a great business man. I have faced lot of rejection and loneliness. I was not able to live a delivered life. But, I have faith in Jesus, one day; I left my job cause of cheated. I went to seashore and sat, I had heavy hungry. I was seeking for food. Nobody was there. I asked Jesus, Please give me food. I saw a big fish was reached seashore. I went and caught it, sold it with a good price. Jesus Satisfied me. At that time, I accepted Christ as Savior of my Personal life.

After that, I was so interested to earn money, I was avoiding church and working full time for money.  Unfortunately,  I was caught up by the police case for the things I did not commit. I was under the Court case for 7 long years. Our church and Pastor used to pray for me lot. I was persecuted very badly. I totally left my family 3children and my wife and I was in the prison.
Graciously, God heard our prayers, they delivered me from the case. Now, I am serving God as Driver for the Church Ministry. I am totally submitted my life to Jesus. Glory be to God.