Following Up and House Visiting’s

God has enabled us to see New Comers evey Week of Our Church Sercices. Church is meeting them and helping them to find a Jesus in their Life. Also We have 347 Villages are coming to our church, We are continuously almost every day in the Evening Times, We are meeting and having Cottage meetings along with our team, Through that many are Touched, Delivered and accepting Christ as their Personal Savior.


Our Small Town SIRKALI,  Surrounded by  hundreds of Villages. We are Leading Crusades in the Villages and making Cells inorder to Pioneering Churches there. We have vision to build 100 churches in villages.
At Present God has given us 56 Prayer Cells and 5 branch churches.


We are doing Evangelism in several Ways such as Personal Evangelism, Handbills of Good news, Prayer Walking,  Feeding the Poor, Medical Camps, Hospital Ministry, etc…


Along With God – Given Passion, We make our own Teachings to Leaders and Appointing them to Reach small villages and houses here through Prayer cells. At Present we have 59 Prayer Cells.


As,  We have our Motto GOLD, G- Gospel, O-Outreach, L- Leadership, D- Desciple, We are building Leaders in the Ministry By the Strength of God.
They are encouraged to take over the Church Services as organisers. And , they are building up as lay pastors to lead branch churches, and Prayer Cells. They are also encouraged to lead 0prayers, and As Sunday School Teachers,  and Youth Leaders.


Fasting Prayer is the Great Nutriteint of our Church Ministry. We have Fasting Prayer on every week  Saturday. People are coming with Great Passion to Pray for all Faithful ministries and All Faithful Servant of God.
God is leading us to pray particularly for what He has on  His Mind and Heart. He inspired us Greatly.
Through this Fasting Prayer, Everyday Prayers and Fellowships being opened. People are getting understand of only God can Use Those Who Pray.


As I was Waiting in His Prescreens for 3days without food, God showed me to start this World Revival All Night Prayer, specially praying for the Nations of the World. We have printed Nations Flags and our Leader are Collecting informations and Fresh News from all the Countries of the World.
We are taking rental hall for this Prayer.  We won’t allow demon possessed, Sickness, and old age people to this prayer. These all for, To make this prayer very specify to pray for only Nations.


Hundreds of Children worshipping God on every Sundays in an awesome way. They have been taught to attend with very disciplined manner by carrying Bible and Note. They have been Rising up as Worship Leaders and Youth Leaders, and caretakers of Church Works.


God has blessed with 254 Youths. We are making, correcting , and Leading them through the Word  of God. Many of them are Working in abroad and Settled in blessed life. Also, Many of them are submitting their lives to God as Fulltime Servants. They are Reaching unreached by Leading cells in their Schools, Colleges and Working places.


We have taking Gospel in the way of Social Activities too. We are feeding the Poor in every week almost more than 500. Taking New Dresses for them in Special occasions and sessions. Helping widows and their children.  We are leading Medical camps. We are praying to start Low fare Hospital,  and  Free Computer and Tailoring Coaching.


We have great passion to GO for  Preach and Teach  Locally and Globally. We are Visiting and praying States of INDIA, and other Nations in every Year. we are making Team to Reach Unreached parts of India as Well.