I was fully frustrated about my life. And I was not happy with my wife. I was not able to lead my children in good manner. Also, I had financially great challenges. So, I was decided to finish my life. I used to carry poison bottle with me, seeking time to finish my life.
I was led to church by a believer at that condition.  So, I taken a final decision, that  “If we would not get comfort in the Church, right after the Worship,  let me take Poison and die” .
I came inside the church aling with my Poison bottle.  It was 40 days fasting Prayer going on, Pastor was leading the Prayer. As he was leading, he said a word that, “ Your Life is not in your hands, You have no rights to loose your life” . God Touched my heart with those words. I cried and Holy Spirit filled me, and changed me. I taken right decision to live along with My Challenges.
We accepted Christ as our personal Savior with my whole family. After that, I got a good job in hotel. I started to build my home. Now, God has granted His Peace, and Blessings, He Enabled us to build a new Home. and enabled us to settle all the depths.  All Glory be to Him!