I was suffering from Blood Cancer for 4 years. At my age of 26, I was in serious Condition and admitted in the Hospital. My husband was so helpful to me and taken care of me. But, as days passed by, He was fed up to take care of me. Also His family members given him the bad advices, and planned us to separate.
With that  Painful moment, I came to Church. On that day was Delieverance Fasting Prayer was happening. Pastor was leading prayer for the Delieverance, He directly came to me, touched me and said, At this exact time of 12: 45pm , you are healed in Jesus Name. I was filled with Power of God which went inside of my body like electric shock. I was healed completely.
After that day,  I went to Hospital for the Checkup, doctors were amazed and said ,  “ hereafter, you no need Treatment, Now a single injection is enough. You are perfectly alright” ,  I give Glory to My healer